Aff. By: Prof. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhayya) University, Prayagraj

Department of Mathematics

The Department Of Sociology was established along with the creation of Ram Sajivan Singh P.G College, as a constituent department of the college. The department of social sciences is one of the best educational institutions in the region that offers academic programmes in many different disciplines. The programmes offered by the department relate to the core subject areas and at the same time they also relate with others as well, thus making them truly connected disciplines in nature. Since economic, polity and social structure are the major parts of study, the importance of social science is increasing day by day for the betterment of the society. Therefore in this reason, the social scientist, researchers and even the professors of the subjects in the wake of modern changes in the world are emerging as a social designer and interpreter of social theorists, economic and political system. It is in this view that the Department Of Sociology of the college is achieving landmarks in the field of social science by imparting knowledge, skills and expertise to the students and creating individuals who can work for the welfare of the societies and the nation as a whole. The Department Of Sociology fosters teaching and other programs that expands the knowledge of human social nature and behavior. By imparting education in the field of arts and science of sociology, including the theories and methods of sociology, the department has designed a curriculum that will help the students to be more active and involved in the society. We thrive to make our students globally aware citizens. Our bachelor's and master's degree curriculum will impart skills and knowledge to the students so as to make them the next generation of teachers, policy makers and scholars. We at the Department Of Sociology believe that everyone should have a brief understanding of sociology, and not just the academic students, as it offers a powerful lens to understand the world with analytical skills and a broad knowledge of social relations, social systems and social skills.

Academic Programmes

The Department Of Sociology provides Bachelor's and Master's degree programs with an excellent semester syllabus for the students. Students who are willing to make a career in Sociology may wish to pursue these degree programs and deepen their knowledge and experience in the field.

Bachelor's Degree

The graduate program in sociology builds a brief knowledge in social theory and research methods. It delivers knowledge and skills to students to make them aware about diverse fields within sociology. Students who are interested in a bachelor's degree in sociology can choose this program that emphasizes the core knowledge and theory. This graduate program teaches the students about the fundamental skills and disciplines of sociology. Students will acquire an advanced knowledge in their specified field and make a significant contribution to the field. The degree has adopted a transformative approach in teaching, making the sociological experience creative and socially relevant and engaged for the students.

Master's Degree

The students who choose to pursue a master's degree program in sociology will be able to transform their capabilities and be prepared for the next level of their career. With this master's program you'll delve deeper into an innovative educational experience that has more than just social fundamentals and practical skills. During this two year master's program, the students will engage in analytic discussions and studies of various social groups. They'll also be involved in social campaigns, field work and get practical experience of the subject. Along with regular classes, guest lectures, seminars and even abroad experiences can be provided to the students. The students will get exposure to diverse perspective sociology and acquire necessary skills to understand various social phenomena.


The entire Department Of Sociology is established as an independent department, and hence has world class infrastructure equipped with modern technology and smart classes facilities. Halls and seminar rooms are the features that attract the attention of people. The department also has a number of faculty members who have years of experience in teaching and practical skills. Apart from the faculty members and the facilities of the department, there are a lot of professional staff members who help the students in their academic programmes as well as in different field activities.