Aff. By: Prof. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhayya) University, Prayagraj

Department of Agriculture

The foundation stone of the Department of Agriculture of the Ram Sajivan Singh P.G College was laid down with the university itself. The agriculture department of our college is the best in the region and is accredited by the Indian Council of Agriculture Research. The agriculture programme of the department is outlined with a target for the wholesome development of the students. The department of agriculture offers an educational program with an up-to-date curriculum designed to suit the needs of the aspirants who want to make a future in the agricultural industry. • This curriculum helps the students if they want to opt for research and development studies. • The department's teaching and extensive education programs are fully integrated and implemented by the university itself. • The entire department of agriculture is managed by a team of dedicated teachers and professors who have established the department and made it one of the best in the state. • It functions as an independent department and has a separate infrastructure as well. • The objective of the department is always to provide our students with opportunities so that they can make contributions in the field of agriculture and allied sciences. We provide an extensive program in agriculture and allied sciences through our UG and PG courses. Apart from agricultural studies, the separate has also made provisions to impart education in many different branches of allied sciences through the curriculum. The academic sessions and the facilities available in the department are solely dedicated to the further advancement and learning of agriculture and allied sciences. The Department of Agriculture of the University is primarily meant to offer Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in agriculture to the students.

Academic Programmes

Bachelor's Degree

The B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture is a basic or starting academic programme that sets the foundation of agriculture studies. It is an agriculture-based program with great potential in the field of horticulture, rural economy, animal rearing, rural development, environmental health etc. In a developing country like India, other industries can see a downfall in the market, but since our economy is majorly dependent on the agriculture sector, the downsizing of this sector will probably never occur. That's the Importance of agriculture in the industry, so it's basically under education. The B.Sc. (Hons.) agriculture program is a 4-year undergraduate program offered by the Ram Sajivan Singh P.G College. This academic agriculture program will equip the students with detailed agricultural and rural sector knowledge and skills. The sole aim of the bachelor's program is to promote education and development in the field of agriculture. This graduate program prepares the students for positions in industries that require agri-based knowledge and skills. The program includes specialized instructions in basic agriculture science, medical agriculture, immunology, microbiology, bacteriology, and bacterial diversity. The agriculture department of Ram Sajivan Singh P.G College is one of the leading departments in the state with advanced labs and flagship programs. Once you've completed B.sc. (Hons) in Agriculture, you'll get a large number of job opportunities in the government and private sector. This is the best college that will introduce you to the disciplinary nature of agriculture.

Master's Degree

The M.Sc. Agriculture is a two-years program offering a postgraduate course in agriculture to keep the students a master's certification in agriculture studies and development. Apart from imparting general studies to the students, the department also ensures that the students are about to get scientific knowledge and field study requirements. The course lays special emphasis on agricultural machinery, plant management, plant biology and biochemistry. In addition to it, the curriculum also provides agricultural training and projects. This advanced course in agriculture will help the students to extend their practical and coursework knowledge with the development and experience of different projects and field activities. A master's degree in this sector will help you develop a bright career in the agriculture field, and will enhance your demand much more as compared to a normal graduate.


The department of agriculture has the best faculties and lectures keen to impart knowledge to the students. Apart from it, the department is equipped with the latest version of technologies and advanced equipment that will help shape our candidates' future.