Aff. By: Prof. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhayya) University, Prayagraj

Department of Education

In 2017, the department of education, a constituent unit of the Ram Sajivan Singh P.G College, was established as an independent department of the college. In the early years after the establishment of the college, a great deal of interest was shown in the department's growth and progress and the institute's activities. The prime objective of the department is to be an apex institute in advancing education and providing professional education programs to the students so that they can develop into professional educators with a vision and value. The department has started functioning with due recognition of NCTE, New Delhi, and the approval of the government of Uttar Pradesh in the Department of Higher Education with effect from the academic session 2017-18. The department runs under the overall supervision of the Chairperson, the UG and the P.G council is accountable to the Vice-chancellor, Ram Sajivan Singh P.G College, for all its omissions and commissions. The prescribed syllabus for the Bachelor's and Master's of the college is designed by the Directorate Of Teacher Education, National Council for Teacher Education.(NCTE) and approved by the Board Of Studies in Education of the University. The Department of Education of this college is committed to helping the students, parents, teachers and all other faculties meet the student's educational needs. Since the department has not looked back, it is proud of its achievements made so far in the field of imparting education and knowledge. Currently, the department is running bachelor's and master's degree programs on a regular basis. The syllabus, curriculum and even the facilities and infrastructure of the department have been made as per NCTE norms. All of the faculty members and supporting staff of the department are highly qualified and are well versed in the curriculum.

Academic Programmes

Education is a multidisciplinary field that covers the aspects of educational counseling, sociology, anthropology, political science and economics. All these things build the fundamentals upon which your future teaching strategies will be built and implemented. To provide the students with the necessary knowledge and skills, we provide them with our academic sessions to help build their future. The department of education of the Ram Sajivan Singh P.G College majorly focuses on undergraduate and postgraduate education degrees.

Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree in education and training is a great choice if you want to develop a teaching career. You can develop professional skills and knowledge to teach and inspire people of all ages, help them overcome lifelong challenges, and make them aware of the world around them. In our bachelor's degree program, you'll learn about education as a human, culture, economics and social development. This three-year program combines ideas and research from education, sociology, psychology and history and is designed for students who have an interest in working with children and youth in a number of fields. In this bachelor's module, you'll learn how people, especially children, develop and learn social and cultural contexts. The bachelor's degree program of our college is aligned with the national curriculum so that the students can keep up with the national or regional institutions.

Master's Degree

The demand for skilled and well-qualified modern teachers is high. To meet this demand, we want to contribute to society by imparting teachers who can balance the educational needs of various communities. In this two-year academic program, you'll learn about mobility, environmental change, politics, culture, social justice etc. You'll explore the ways in which knowledge, culture and skills are impacted in society. How people and organizations learn, and how education makes changes and meets global challenges. You'll be taught about the future of education across all sectors with creative skills and innovative methods. The bachelor's and master's degrees are the two academic programs offered by the department of English to enhance your knowledge and expertise in imparting quality education to societies. We thrive on producing teachers who can create a difference in the elementary education of today and tomorrow. We also collaborate with other universities and educational institutions to further increase our exposure to multiple disciplines. With the best faculties in the region and standard facilities in the department, the college is providing everything for the betterment of the students.