Aff. By: Prof. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhayya) University, Prayagraj

Department of Botany

The Department of Botany, Ram Sajivan Singh P.G College, was established alongside the college to teach the students of B.Sc.and M.Sc the basics of botanical science. The department of Botany of the applied biology division was established as an independent department under the faculty of science. Presently, the department is operating as a full-fledged department of life science. The department was established with the aim of imparting quality teaching and training in the field of botanical science. Since its inception, the department has grown into a well-recognized institution for higher learning and training in structural, functional and analytics aspects of plant biology. While the department has made tremendous contributions in imparting the fundamental education of plant science, the department also keeps pace with changing national priorities. The department works towards its vision through its academic and intellectual programes, national mission and social and ecological mission within the boundaries of the teaching and learning environment. The department thrives on promoting studies and envisioning a college of excellence in higher education.

Academic Programmes

Botany is a discipline of biology that specifically deals with the study of plants. The academic courses of the Department of Botany include the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in botany. Students who have the desire to learn the plant kingdom are always welcome to join the department and study plant life. In a country like India, where the major economy is based on agriculture and allied activities, having a career in botany is very beneficial as you'll get a lot of employment opportunities.

Bachelor's Degree

The bachelor's degree program in botany is a three-year undergraduate degree that is designed in a way to cover all the major theoretical courses along with the accompanying practical classes to provide a hands-on experience to the students. This bachelor's degree program primarily focuses on teaching about the tradition and fundamental knowledge about plants, plant life cycle, structure, the whole plant kingdom and a brief study about simple and complex plant species. The B.Sc students will develop an understanding of biodiversity, research methods, plant ecology etc. The bachelor's degree program incorporates case studies, action-based learning and group projects apart from the traditional lectures. Students who are willing to enter into a new era that offers a lot of specializations and job opportunities can pursue a bachelor's degree in botany. In this entire degree course, you'll be actively involved in ecology, plants, biodiversity and forestry.

Master's Degree

This is a two-years postgraduate course in botany that involves a detailed scientific study of plant life and plant kingdom or plant biology. The course aims to explore deeper into the aspects of plant biology by covering in-depth knowledge about the properties, structure, biochemical processes and growth of plants, algae and fungi. This discipline offers the students an advanced study of plants, including their structure, metabolism, reproduction and evolution. Students will learn about the development of plants and their interaction with the ecosystem. Agriculture, horticulture, environmental science and forestry are all covered under this program. Students who want to make a career in any of these sectors are welcome to pursue the master's degree course. After completing the master's program, graduates can have an extensive range of job opportunities. A career in botany is surely a rewarding job for those passionate about the topic.


When it comes to facilities, the Department of Botany probably has a long list of facilities for the students, teachers and staff members as well. Since this department gives special focus to plant life, it is well-funded and loaded with numerous benefits compared to other departments. Coming to the facilities starts with separate infrastructure for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The students of bachelor's and master's degree programs have separate classrooms but a common seminar hall. An auditorium, a computer lab, and practical labs equipped with all types of lab tools and instruments are present. A separate lab for plant specimens is also in the department. A smart class is available along with other classrooms. The department also has a biological garden spread across a large area along with some of the rare species of plants.