Aff. By: Prof. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhayya) University, Prayagraj

Department of Ancient History

The department of ancient history occupies a significant place in the area of Indian archaeology. The inception of the department was done along with the Ram Sajivan Singh P.G College itself. The department of ancient history has a separate infrastructure that was done to give special emphasis to the study of ancient Indian history, its heritage, culture as well as world history. Apart from just imparting knowledge about ancient history, the department also specializes in the field of regional archaeology, epigraphy, paleography and ancient languages. In this college, ancient language has been a special part of enriching India's rich heritage and culture. The establishment of the independent department of ancient history was done to carry forward the rich legacy of scholars in this field with association with the state's top universities and other states. Therefore, the setting of this department is the fruit of the rich legacy of the universities that dates back to the pre-independence period. Since its inception, the department has established itself as a nodal department in the region to study India's past. The department gives special focus on regional history and heritage and puts emphasis on the study of Indian civilization and culture. A number of new sites have been explored in recent years by our faculties and staff in the department. The department has its own small museum with various antiquities, a large part of which was recovered from the recent excavations

Academic Programmes

In the context of the World becoming a Global Village, we want to make the students aware of the History, Culture and Archaeology of our state and country. The department's sole aim is to make students aware of Ancient Indian History, Culture and its part through teaching and various other extensive activities. We at the university believe that only a critical understanding and knowledge about our rich history and civilizations will help the students to undertake the present and look forward to the future. The department of agriculture offers bachelor's and master's degrees. The undergraduate and postgraduate departments of Indology were composite and housed on the campus of Maharaja’s College since inception.

Bachelor's Degree

The bachelor's degree is a 3-years undergraduate program that teaches students about ancient Indian history and its civilization, as well as important things about the history of societies, humanity and antiquities. Students in the bachelor's degree program of ancient history will be acquainted with basic knowledge of historical and ancient geographic events. They will gain some insights into the important methods that were used for analysis and interpretation in the past. Students who choose to pursue a bachelor's degree in ancient history will gain proficiency in collecting historical source material, critically discussing topics and forming contextually relevant assessments of historic data. The bachelor's degree program of our college is divided into six semesters. On the basis of selected topics, students will get in-depth knowledge and understanding of historic events and interrelations

Master's Degree

The postgraduate course is taught similarly to the undergraduate course but with a scope to develop a higher level of expertise. The master's degree is an advanced educational program that is wholly dedicated to the field of ancient history. This is a two years full-time course that extensively deals with ancient history, culture and civilization. This degree concentrates on all the topics in detail and the related topics as well. In addition to providing local and global transitional history, the program also provides sound training in the theory and methodology of history writing and historical research. The prime goal of the programme is to enable, develop, and advance the understanding of history, its approaches, and various methodologies. A broad range of diversified topics and cultures will be studied in the course to enhance your knowledge and skills. Our undergraduate and postgraduate programme are meant for the enrichment of the students, from building a basic foundation in ancient history to making them professional in the sector. In this college, we have the best faculties for ancient history in the region and are also equipped with top-class facilities for our students. We ensure that when students complete our curriculum, they'll surely have adequate knowledge and experience to complete in the industry.