Aff. By: Prof. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhayya) University, Prayagraj

Department of Mathematics

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics, which is an independent department established under the science faculty of the Ram Sajivan Singh P.G College. Just like all other departments of science, this department has also been established from the initial days of the college itself. The department was established with the objective of producing trained human resources which can have the potential to undertake research and training in mathematics and its allied branches. Since its inception, the department has been making continuous efforts to grow and synchronize with the directions of the institution, thereby generating awareness of the larger needs of society. The study of mathematics can help an individual develop the necessary skills and knowledge to solve a wide range of problems. Even if a student chooses to pursue a career in any other subject or work as a professional in any field, mathematics will act as a background for various forms of academic disciplines. Mathematics is a very relevant subject for data collection, mathematical modules, and analysis and acts as a tool for students to understand various problems. Just like other departments, the Department of Mathematics is a basic science department that functions as an independent and apex regulator for foundational and professional math courses for the students of the college. The department aspires to be one of the topmost departments in mathematics in the state, and it also competes nationally and globally as a center for teaching mathematics. It has always been the aim and vision of the department to offer world-class education in an environment of a fundamental and high level of applied Mathematics. We always thrive to prepare the students for national development programs through our curriculum and to increase their potential so that they can compete at the national level and emerge in their required professional fields.

Academic Programmes

After the competition in high school and even 12th, if you are willing to pursue your love of numbers, the department offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs. These are one of the most demanded courses due to the popularity of the subject, which has further increased due to its growing usage in almost all fields. For those who love to explore things in numbers and patterns, then starting a career in this discipline would be a perfect choice.

Bachelor's Degree

This is an undergraduate course that spans 3 years. The bachelor's degree course has been designed to enhance analytic skills and develop a brief understanding of the subject. The program will help the students to understand the practice of Mathematics. It will help you to recognize the patterns of geometry, algebraic numerical forms, abstractions and interpretation of mathematical arguments. The bachelor's degree program has been set based on the common curriculum that is presently running in the country. The bachelor's degree program offers a core course that primarily focuses on mathematical language and thinking by exploring a wide range of topics. This course will create a tone to prepare the students for higher courses in mathematics or any other field. Students will learn how to understand scientific disciplines and will be able to study with ease.

Master's Degree

This is a master's degree course in mathematics that is 2 years long, including 4 semesters. After completion of the bachelor's degree, a student can pursue a master's degree in mathematics, which will enable the student to use his knowledge in many different areas. It is one of the best degrees for graduates who want to get specialized knowledge and skills in the field. Through this degree, students will have a detailed understanding and knowledge of the subject. One will learn about various applications of pure and applied mathematics. All these things will help you gain professional qualifications and enhance your skills for your next job.


The department is a leading institute that offers all aspects of mathematical teaching and training. Equipped with separate classrooms for graduate and postgraduate students, smart classes with more than 150 people capacity, a computer lab, practical rooms, a seminar hall and all the necessary equipment, the department is one of the best departments for mathematics in the region. With the help of our faculty, professors, lecturers and staff members, the institute has been recognized as the best to impart mathematical knowledge to students.